The DataCage

The DataCage, the alternative solution for your Data Centre.

The DataCage is a flexible, scalable and portable data centre enclosed in a standard ISO container. Ready to be deployed in multiple scenarios and in the harshest environments. The Data Cage integrates power supply and distribution (UPS, inverters, batteries), cooling and ICT equipment offering the following key features:


High energy efficiency (low PUE): design oriented to reduce power consumption and operating costs. State of the art cooling system with cold/hot aisle containment and in-row air conditioning units

Reliability: redundant and fault tolerant capabilities to meet Tier II and Tier III requirement

Modularity: the standard ISO enclosure guarantees convenient transportation and rapid deployment. Easily scalable with additional modules

Flexibility: supports ICT cabinet dimensions (depth: 600~1200 mm, height: 2000~2200mm). Different combinations of IT and CT cabinets according to specific client needs

Optimized space use: up to 11 ICT cabinets in one ISO40HC container

Alternative power supplies: AC and DC power configurations based on ICT requirement

Security: CCTV surveillance system and control access

Fire Protection: automatic fire detection and suppression system

Central management: complete monitoring of the different subsystems with remote access


Increase of processing and storage capacity in existing data centre with limited space

Data centre deployment in distributed or remote locations for commercial and industrial use

Immediate transportation and installation of temporary data centre such as disaster recovery, military operations, or cultural/sporting events

Deployment of telecom equipment room for radio access and optical networks

Edge computing


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